Chubby Chops & Cup Cake

About 6 years ago when the Sanctuary was in its early stages, I was asked by another rescue group to help around 24 cats that had been living at the old Southdown Freezing Works. Originally they were to be with us for around 6 months but time went by and their plans for another sanctuary changed so we decided it was less stressful to the cats if we just kept them. Many have since passed away but Smoochie, now Chubby is still with us. However, over a year ago now he started going downhill and he was diagnosed with kidney failure and then diabetes with the recommendation he be put to sleep. So we moved him into the house, got him on twice-daily insulin injections, took him every few days for sub-cut fluids and after about a month he had improved dramatically with no need for anymore fluids.

The lovely thing is he has bonded so incredibly well with Cup Cake, another gorgeous boy who was taken in because a young girl had been feeding him behind her flat but sadly the landlord wouldn’t have it. He had teeth problems and also diabetes! So now our two diabetes boys, Cup Cake and Chubby Chops have such a loving friendship made in heaven. Just so heartwarming to see them together. We love them both so much.

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