Balthazar was the first rescue cat to come to The Pussy Palace. I used to feed him along with his brother Nero, Whiskey and others at The cat colony in Parnell that I affectionately call “The Parnell Pussies.” Pitch black and a beautiful boy, a vet friend had to pull a canine out with pliers during feeding! It was very loose and inhibiting his eating! 

A few months after he had suffered a bite in the shoulder and was limping badly but immediately sensed we were trying to catch him and hived off whenever we arrived instead of being his usual friendly self. 

Finally we got him and soon after followed the other two of “The Three Musketeers”. 

A lovely little trio who were later joined by their other friend Nudger. 

Balthazar is a gorgeous boy, very laid back and loving and now around 17 years old and the King of The Pussy Palace. Although super Smoochy now, don’t ever try and put him into a cage because he will change entirely. We took him recently to the vet and you would have thought he didn’t know us, growling etc and had to be sedated. He probably won’t be with us too much longer but for now he is very happy amongst all his friends at The Pussy Palace. 

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