Benefits to the Community

Quite apart from the sanctuary, the de-sexing initiatives are an enormous benefit to the Community in general.

Whether you love cats or not, none of us want to see a whole lot of unwanted and uncared for cats on the streets. Sadly, many people simply can't afford to de-sex their pets; others fail to grasp the importance of acting responsibly. These factors are directly responsible for our unchecked cat populations. 

Our volunteers are regularly out trapping at night to pick up cats and kittens, de-sexing them and thereby preventing their proliferation.

I am a strong advocate for cats, working in conjunction with Councils and welfare groups to have a voice for our defenceless cats who through no fault of their own have become stray.

With Councils having misguidedly put cats into a “pest “ category under the Regional Pest Management Plan, this has changed public perception towards our most beloved companion animal and the  cruelty from cat haters who now believe they have a right to kill and  maim cats has increased dramatically so  it is terribly important that there are those who stand up to fight against this to try and influence Councils and government. This has been fuelled by extremist Conservationists and is a very sad and dangerous situation for our cats.

We have many older people who receive our help in situations where they have to go into a retirement home or perhaps pass away. Sadly, in many cases their children will not help and they are distraught because their much loved cat/ s will be put down. We have taken on many cats in this situation and found lovely homes for them.

Other similar situations have occurred such as a woman having to leave and go to Women’s Refuge leaving a cat and kittens, loss of a rental and inability to find another home which will accept their cats – this is happening more and more with so many people unable to afford their own homes!

Factories/shops/landlords etc threatening pest control to kill stray cats behind the property where colony carers have been feeding, often for years. . . .The list goes on.

But another point about the sanctuary is that both young and old enjoy coming to the sanctuary to enjoy the company of the cats. Young people are being taught responsibility and care for animals which will stand them in good stead in later life. And older people who can no longer take care of a pet can enjoy the company of our cats in a peaceful, beautiful environment.

Please help us to continue our work which is so important in the Community as well are for our beautiful cats who need our help.

And never forget – YOUR CAT could become STRAY OVERNIGHT! And you will need us to be there for them. WILL YOU???

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