Champagne (now known as “ Lady of the Manor”) came to us as a tiny kitten from another rescue . Kelleigh had picked her up from a garden centre where the wee soul was living on wood chips with the result she had developed Mega Colon. After trying hard for a number of weeks, having a vet “evacuate“ the buildup a couple of times, laxatives etc it was getting just too much emotionally and financially for her to cope with. Vets were saying to put her down as well. So she asked if I could take her.

Luckily I had my vet friend on board and together we tried all avenues which included enemas every couple of days, a mixture of lactulose, psyllium hulls, probiotics and for a couple of weeks a peristalsis action drug! It took THREE months and then miracle of miracles, on NEW YEARS eve she did her first poop unaided! And wait for it - 30cms long!

She has always throughout her trials been the nicest little cat never bearing any grudge of what she went through purring her heart out like a little Jaguar!

Our little Champagne Baby is now 5 years old and living the life of the Queen of Goose Creek!

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