Advantages of adopting an older cat

While many people are looking for an adorable kitten, they may not realise the time and patience involved in raising one properly. Not only do kittens take a lot of time and energy, they can be a little too demanding for busy or first-time owners. It’s recommended for many people to consider adopting an older cat and there are a number of benefits in doing so. Find out what they are below!

Lower Maintenance

As already mentioned, older cats are typically much less maintenance than young kittens. Kittens have a ton of energy they need to get out and if you aren’t around or able to spend time with them, they’re likely to start damaging your house and furniture. They also need more vet check-ups to make sure they have all their vaccines and been spayed or neutered.


Most adult cats available for adoption came from a previous home at which for whatever reason they were unable to stay. These cats typically have excellent house manners and friendly temperaments. Although they may be shy at first, they are not feral and know how to interact enjoyably with humans. They often even get along well with other pets.

Already Litter Box Trained

It’s fairly rare for an older cat to still need litter box training. Since most older cats come from previous homes, they’re already well accustomed to using the litter box regularly and without any problems. Kittens, on the other hand, almost always need help to learn how to use it when you bring them home.

Lower Adoption Rates

Since most people are enticed by young kittens older cats have some of the lowest adoption rates of any animal in shelters. If you’re looking to rescue, please consider giving an older cat a chance. It’s almost guaranteed the kittens will find homes.

Better Around Children

Adult cats are undoubtedly better around children. Kittens have very sharp teeth and claws and generally have no concept about playing nicely. Older cats, however, are much gentler and accustomed to interaction with humans.

Still Playful

Although older cats will be much more calm and relaxed than a young kitten, it doesn’t mean they’re just going to be boring and sit around all day. Sure, cats sleep a lot, but even adult cats love to play with their human families. Don’t be fooled into thinking that older cats are much less entertaining.

No Surprises

What you see is what you get with older cats. You know how big your cat is going to be, what it generally likes and dislikes and all of the unique things about its personality. While cats can and do act differently in shelters and rescues, you will have a pretty good idea about what kind of pet you’re bringing home. Plus, once these kitties are comfortable with you, you’ll see them blossom into themselves just like you would a kitten.

They Need You

Cats are relatively independent animals, but they doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to offer. They still need and want your love and attention, whether they’re 3 months or 13 years old. Older cats have no shortage of affection and loyalty to offer and you may be surprised to see that your older rescue cat seems even a little bit grateful for you.

Here are a few of the older cats that have been adopted from The NZ Cat Foundation:

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