Fluffy Tom

Fluffy Tom came to us as a Tom of 11 years old after an elderly lady phoned Bob Kerridge saying he was a trouble maker. A real “Bovver Boy“, to all accounts he was fighting with other cats and getting all the girls pregnant! 

He was brought to me by a trapper who said he was a “ put down”, terrible cat, and would I take him to the vet. Well sorry, but that’s not my style! He was in fact a gorgeous big fluffy grey and white cat, whose only fault was he hadn’t been de-sexed! So we de-sexed him on the kitchen table, me being the nurse, and in he went to the sanctuary. Dear Fluffy Tom was pretty knocked around at this time, with an ear nearly ripped off and a bad eye and a couple of abscesses! 

Amusingly enough, when I let them know we didn’t put him down but de-sexed him, they asked if he could be brought back as now all the other Toms were arriving so they had a worse problem and they wanted him to return to keep them away. Sorry! No way! 

Well, what a gorgeous boy he turned into and he became the face of the website for The NZCF. We also took on his daughter Poppy and they adored each other smooching all the time. 

At that point we kept the various sections separate and he was still quite a stroppy cat clearly used to being the King of the Orakei Pensioners. But funnily enough after a couple of years he was determined to move from the Cottage to the The Palace. Upwardly mobile it seems! I was worried as all our nicest, more friendly cats were in there and Nudger was the King but a very gentle Ruler! Not at all aggressive. Funnily enough, Fluffy Tom accepted that and never once tried to take over and became the most loving gorgeous boy. Sadly, despite all efforts we had to let him go a couple of years ago but his personality is sadly missed.

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