About The NZCF

There are so many unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens in our Community and it’s our aim to de-sex all of our community/stray cats.

It is our hope that one day all cats are cared for in a loving home. Education of the community, particularly the young is paramount, with regard to its responsibility and care of its cats. This issue is not a “Cat Problem” but a “People Problem”.

We offer a sanctuary to unwanted stray cats in a protected environment where all their needs are met in an indoor/outdoor environment.

What do we do? We Help the Helpless!

Importantly we practise T-TNR in areas where are stray cats. This involves many nights of trapping by our volunteers, vet visits where they are health checked, de-sexed, vaccinated, treated if necessary and microchipped. Where ever possible these cats and all kittens are re-homed. However, for those who are too timid we return them from whence they came, as long as the property owner agrees, and we set up a feeding station with volunteers to feed them. If not, we take them into our beautiful purpose built sanctuary, affectionately known as "The Pussy Palace" This has predator proof fencing and is situated in a rural environment set in the midst of an olive grove where they can enjoy both indoor and outdoor living.

We receive many calls for help daily. Cats behind shops, factories, under an old villa. A vet phoning because the children want to put down a healthy cat when their mum goes into a retirement home! the police - a woman in women's refuge leaving mum cat with 4 kittens, a landlord threatening to bring in pest control because his tenants were feeding homeless cats. The list goes on and on.

And we always help. But we need help too!

Not only are we helping these poor defenceless cats, but we are doing a Community service which benefits everyone. Even for those who don't like cats, we are doing you a service as we are reducing the numbers of un-owned cats on our streets in a humane and caring way.

Our mission

Our mission is to educate and assist people throughout New Zealand about the psychological and physiological health benefits of caring for cats as pets.

To foster and encourage the kind and humane treatment of cats. We actively work to prevent and discourage cruelty to or harsh, thoughtless treatment of cats. In doing so, we enhance the general health of the community.

To establish and maintain facilities for the care of cats, particularly those in need of veterinary treatment. Importantly, to de-sex, vaccinate, and microchip community cats to prevent their proliferation in the most kindly and humane way possible.

To support the charitable work of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland.


A massive shout out to The NZ Cat Foundation, I was desperate to re-home my mum's cat as she has become unwell and can no longer live at home (my mum not the cat), I tried everywhere, I contacted Anne and she immediately said she could offer Piper a place at her sanctuary in Kumeu and would try and re-home her but that if that wasn’t possible she would live out her life at the sanctuary. On dropping Piper off I was totally blown away by the special place Anne has for all the beautiful kitty cats she has there, we at the salon are all cat owners and lovers and encourage you to help this amazing animal shelter out by either giving a few dollars to the givealittle page https://givealittle.co.nz/org/straycats or more importantly giving your time to help them as they sure need it! Thank you Anne from Carmen & Piper xxx
Carmen & Piper

"I have been there and seen all the work done at the sanctuary. These cats are lucky and so loved."

"It is the best. I feel privileged to have had them let me adopt a wonderful cat. I couldn’t be any happier."

"Their love and care of the cats is manifest when we went to the sanctuary. There are always people who are there to show you around, they are never pushy. Great folks! I highly recommend them. You can see their respect for lives - be it people or animals - the way they structure everything speaks volume of the thought they had invested in the Cat Sanctuary. I just love the work they do. May God bless abundantly them."

"I visited you today and I was just so blown away with what you are doing and how many lovely animals you have there. The love and compassion you are showing out there and the setup is amazing. I hope to return shortly to hopefully take one or two of these precious animals to our home. Blown away."

"Amazing team of people dedicated to giving animals their deserving home."

"It gets to the point of caring for unwanted cats and finding them for ever homes to live."

"This group do amazing work to give kitties a home and if that's not possible then give them security for the rest of their life."

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