The Sanctuary

Unfortunately the cat sanctuary is completely full and as we need to remain within animal welfare health and safety guidelines we are unable to take in any more cats at this time.

We practise T-TNR in areas where are stray cats. Where ever possible these cats and all kittens are re-homed. However, for those who are too timid we return them from whence they came, as long as the property owner agrees, and we set up a feeding station with volunteers to feed them. If not, we take them into our beautiful purpose built sanctuary, affectionately known as "The Pussy Palace". This has predator proof fencing and is situated in a rural environment set in the midst of an olive grove where they can enjoy both indoor and outdoor living.

We offer safe sanctuary for older, disadvantaged and un-homeable rescue cats where they can live out their lives in safety and comfort.

We rely heavily on volunteers on a daily basis and desperately need more, as well as financial help.


Some of our wonderful cats

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