Little Rusty was brought to me as a tiny kitten with the worst case of Feline calicivirus (FCV) I have ever seen. His eyes were like squishy blobs of mush. Some people thought it best to put him down, but he was such an affectionate, happy little guy, I really wanted to him to have a chance at life! After 6 months of eye treatment, an eye operation, and being kept inside, he was doing great and wanted to be outside!

After a year, his bad eye had developed glaucoma and needed removal and the new vet suggested putting him down.  I said no, he was doing so well and really knew his way around the farm - in fact he was the Farm Manager, running the whole operation with Ross as his 2IC!!!!

He had 4 extremely happy years until, very sadly, he ran behind a vehicle and was run over. Just heart-breaking for everyone.  R.I.P. our little man.


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