Caesar needs a catio

We need your help to give Caesar a good life! 

Caesar is a remarkable cat with a great personality. We need donations to build him an outdoor space of his own to enjoy the elements but also be kept safe.

About Caesar

Caesar is an Egyptian Mau who was rescued in 2015 as a starving kitten under a rubbish bin in Dubai. Two years later he moved to New Zealand but sadly he has struggled with urban life. Use to roaming, coupled with his size (he is 9kg), and being very strong and powerful, he was considered a nuisance by neighbourhood cat owners, with the result that he was going to be put down. However, the vet considered this a tragedy and contacted us for help about six months ago. We gave him his own sizable area in the sanctuary to keep other cats safe, and set about trying to find him a suitable home. Finally, over two months ago, he was flown to Wellington to go to his new home in Lower Hutt. It seemed a great chance for Caesar with a good owner who would let him be himself with lots of space around him. Unfortunately, he continued his previous behaviour and roamed far across the gully, and once again was considered a nuisance, ending up at the SPCA. He was taken back and given another chance but broke out again. Sadly this time he was hit on the road and luckily taken to the SPCA again. So, it was time to bring him back to our sanctuary in Huapai before something worse happened. He is now going to live permanently at the sanctuary.  

What we need

  • 4x4 fence posts
  • Fast-acting concrete
  • Strong mesh
  • Assistance to build the catio
  • Donations

Any help will be greatly appreciated. We have cats coming in daily who need our help and we already have over 300 cats under our care. We just can’t keep funding it all without your help. Please use our contact form if you can help with supplies or building the catio. Donations can be made via Givealittle or bank account (details below). 


Bank Deposit

Make your deposit to our ANZ bank account:

The New Zealand Cat Foundation 
06 0185 0464986 00

Please contact us if you would like us to send you a tax receipt so you can get a third of your donation back from IRD.


The NZ Cat Foundation gets 100% of every donation through Givealittle!

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