Adopting a rescue cat is so rewarding! Knowing you have given a loving forever home to an otherwise homeless cat is a wonderful emotion.  If you’re interested in adopting please visit our Facebook page to see all our available cats.

The best chance for a long and healthy life for any cat depends on appropriate veterinary care. This includes vaccinations and spay/neuter to not only prevent unwanted litters (with all the heartbreak this can lead to) but also improve the health and behaviour of the cat for their lifetime. All our cats are microchipped, too. Our adoption fees are only a fraction of the cost that you would incur by getting all of this done for a ‘free’ cat you got from a neighbour or other source. 

Many of our cats available for adoption are adult or mature cats. On the whole they are calm, wise, and experienced. Adult cats come to you litterbox trained, and tend to be easy-going. They have developed their own unique personalities; they can keep you company or are independent enough to be on their own. Adopting an adult cat will enrich your life with the presence of a devoted pet who will never forget your kindness.

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